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Track Exactly How Much You Spend

1,000+ Facebook™ Media Buyers across the world now utilise Adcost to get real-time cost accuracy into their tracker

Automate cost updates in real time with Facebook™ Cost Syncing

Measurement is the first step to improvement. If you want to succeed in media buying you need to track your advertising spend closely.

With Adcost you can now add multiple Facebook™ advertising accounts to Adcost to track your spend in one place. Add your Facebook™ Profile, connect to your Voluum, Binom, or Bemob tracker and you're all set.

Spot under-performing campaigns faster with Campaign Cost Splitting

As media buyers we often launch a lot of tests and need to kill loosing campaigns fast. Doing this effectively protects budget and maximises our ROI.

Got 2 or more campaigns running in Ads Manager that you'd like to push cost data for into one tracker campaign? No problem. Adcost allows you to select those campaigns and map them to any campaign in your tracker.

Connect multiple advertiser accounts with Multi-profile Token Support

Facebook™ can be quick to disable advertising accounts if one of their manual reviewers believes one or more of your ads to be non compliant. As this is subjective, it often leads to unfair account bans, and so it's wise to have backups as an insurance policy.

There's no need to log in to multiple Facebook™ profiles anymore. Simply connect them all to Adcost and pull all your cost data into one place. But won't this link our accounts? Nope... see how here.

Track with or without connecting a tracker with the CSV Report Generator

Not all media buyers use a tracker, and perhaps you're more of a spreadsheet kinda guy. It's also important to be able to download cost data for further analysis when you need it.

Generate daily reports for any connected advertiser accounts. Simply run a report to see everything beautifully displayed in your dashboard, and then export to csv for further analysis. No tracker required!

Set smart rules to maximise your ROI with the ROI Booster

Dripping profits out of a campaign by adjusting bids, refining targets, and launching split tests requires a lot of repetitive, manual work. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a large part of that work taken care of and managed more efficiently than any human ever could?

With Adcost launch as many tests as you want, then setup the ROI Booster to automatically turn off losing campaigns for maximum ROI.

Invite your team members to collaborate with Adcost Teams

Media buyers often work in teams to increase efficiency and be able to run more tests. Having a single login to share is not a great idea for many reasons, but security would definitely be in the top 3.

You can collaborate on multiple campaigns, share access to multiple Facebook™ profiles without the need to share login information. Plus each team member now has a secure way to login.