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Supremedia Affiliates Are Automating Facebook Cost Updates and Increasing Their ROI

Imagine a world where your Facebook costs automatically push to your affiliate tracker, giving you real-time insights into how your campaigns are performing.

Well, imagine no more!

For a long time now, most affiliates have relied on virtual assistants for manually updating their tracker with campaign cost data.

A couple of trackers have tried to automate the process, but in the process failed to offer enough customisation to suit the needs of affiliate marketers – especially those who rely on a more “creative” ad set-up to avoid account bans.

Adcost.io have been helping top affiliates tighten their costs and increase their ROI using their smart cost-updating technology.

How are affiliates winning?

  • Facebook costs now push to your affiliate tracker in real-time WITHOUT linking your accounts
  • Manage your account “health” across an unlimited amount of Facebook profiles.
  • Create automation rules to help kill losing campaigns fast, or scale winning campaigns – all based off your tracker data!

Watch the video below to see how Adcost could start improving your campaigns

Grab a coffee, sit back, and relax. You’ll never manually update your costs ever again after seeing this.

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Your Questions Answered

We recently sat down with the team at Supremedia to answer some of the most common questions we get from affiliates about using Adcost to increase their ROI.

OK, let's start with the one that's on everyone's mind. Let's say you load up 50 Facebook profiles... won't Facebook link all your accounts?

No. We actually get that question a lot. Whilst I can't reveal the tech infrastructure we have in place, what you have to understand is that Adcost was created in 2018. Between then and now we've worked through a number of challenges with affiliates to make this work in most scenarios. It is highly unlikely that account-linking could ever be a thing that hinders our users.

It sounds like there's a big focus on Facebook as an ad platform. What percentage of your users are Facebook affiliates?

Yes, 87% of our users connect Facebook accounts to their affiliate trackers.

Adcost takes your Facebook spend and pushes it to your affiliate tracker, but how are affiliates using it to make more profit?

So first and foremost, Adcost in it's earliest form could be very simply described as a tool that takes your Facebook ad spend and pushes it to a campaign of your choice in your affiliate tracker. Seems pretty simple and unrelated to ROI. However, seeing your ad spend in real-time helps affiliates identify which campaigns to kill or scale earlier on in the process. Most of our users before joining Adcost had a dedicated person or remote-worker on their team doing this manually each day. This leaves them open to someone making a mistake (human error), and 24 hrs before having a clear picture of what's going on. Affiliate trackers show conversion events in real time, so why not also have your costs update the same way?

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2 Months FREE as a Supremedia Affiliate (worth $198)